We Happy Few's Flawed Characters Are Its Mysterious Heart

Like many, the last time I put my hands on We Happy Few was when it was released in early access all those years ago. Back then I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Its weirdly wonderful retrofuturistic setting and mandatory drug consumption for the citizens therein creates an evocative space to explore, but outside that exploration, what is it?

It was apparent after first showing that many expected a traditional narrative, characters, and story to flesh out the world and tie it all together, so developer Compulsion Games set to make that a reality. And after spending an hour playing through chunks of story ahead of We Happy Few’s August 10 release, that effort is paying off.

As a refresher I replayed the opening of Arthur – the bumbling reluctant hero who works at the Wellington Well’s propaganda ministry – as he decides enough is enough and tosses his required dose of the psychedelic drug Joy. Much of the experience was the same, but what struck me this time was the polish and detail put into this section since the last time I’d seen it. The time spent retooling and refining We Happy Few certainly shows.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews