Infinity War VFX Supervisor Reveals Which Infinity Stone Killed Half the Universe

Thanos only needed the Power Stone to disintegrate half of life in the universe according to , there’s definitely a similarity to how the people disintegrated into dust by the end of Infinity War. Although in the James Gunn-directed movie, it looked more like the Star-Lord was decaying with patches of his face peeling off instead of pieces of him getting blown by the wind as seen in Avengers 3. DeLeeuw and his team also considered evaporating the “nimbus of energy or soul that is left behind” in the sequence, but in the end, they decided on using ashes. Based on the viewers’ reactions upon seeing the film’s end scene for the first time, it was effective.

Having said all of this, it’s important to note that DeLeeuw’s comments don’t technically mean that it’s also the case narrative-wise. Thanos needed all six stones to execute his mission, the VFX team only used the Power Stone as the point of reference when they were deciding on what effect they wanted to use to illustrate how people were impacted by the snap for better storytelling.

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