Logitech G512 Carbon Gaming Keyboard Review

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If the $150 Logitech G513 is too lavish for your budget, then your eyes and wallet are likely to turn to the recently launched Logitech G512 Carbon (See it at Logitech). It offers the same solid, stylish aluminum design and customizable RGB lighting along with the same selection of switches as you get with the Logitech G513, but cuts out a few extras to shave a hefty $50 off the bill. The Logitech G512 Carbon gives you the choice of three types of mechanical switches: Romer-G Tactile, Romer-G Linear, and a new switch dubbed GX Blue. My review unit came with the newest and clickiest of the three, the GX Blue. Let’s jump in and see what the Logitech G512 Carbon serves up for $100 and how Logitech’s latest proprietary switch performs.

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