Marvel Rising: Initiation is a Breath of Fresh Air for Marvel's Animation

Marvel Rising is the latest attempt by the titular entertainment juggernaut to appeal to its shifting consumer demographics, specifically the rising tide of next-generation female superhero fans. Planned as a multi-platform franchise targeted primarily at tweens, this new flagship universe is kicking off with a series of animated shorts that will tie into an 80-minute television movie premiering this fall – and there will undoubtedly be more to come should the endeavor prove successful.

While all this new attention for female heroes is wondrously luxurious, it could run the risk of feeling a little pandering, and perhaps too little, too late, given how long audiences have waited for heroines like Captain Marvel and Black Widow to get their own solo movies. Yet Marvel Rising: Initiation (a six-episode series of shorts that set the stage for the Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors movie), thankfully manages to sidestep those concerns, as the end result genuinely feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air for Marvel, and a promising sign for its future endeavors.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews