‘No to homosexuality’ billboard near Chatham removed

TORONTO — A controversial billboard with messages such as “God says no to homosexuality and abortion” that was erected last week in a southwestern Ontario community has been taken down.

The billboard located at a rural intersection about 20 kilometres north of Chatham appeared last Wednesday, just days after the community’s pride week took place.

Other messages such as “Bibles back in school” and “Let the bible be your teacher” were also up on the billboard.


Marianne Willson, the president of the Chatham-Kent Gay Pride Association, said it triggered an immediate response among residents of the community who wanted it taken down.

While the billboard was gone by Monday, Willson said there is still a lesson to learn.

“This is the reason why it is important for us to stand up for inclusivity, diversity and love,” she said. “It is important to be able to share a community with people with different opinions and beliefs.”

The municipality said in a statement that it is not responsible for the removal of the board and it is still unclear who took it down.

“The billboard is on private property and the municipality was not contacted in advance regarding its content, nor was it advised as to its removal,” the statement said.

“Chatham-Kent is a welcoming community,” it added.

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Source:: Toronto Sun – Movies