The Cyborg Movie Could Be Blocking the Snyder Cut's Release

There are a number of reasons Warner Bros. isn’t considering a release of the Zack Snyder Cut of  just a few years ago. It’s doubtful Cyborg has that same potential as Black Panther, but Marvel’s success shows just how much of a market there is for non-white heroes. Social and demographic draw aside, Cyborg would likely be a significantly lower budget than Justice League, meaning its profit opportunity is much higher than the Snyder Cut.

It’s certainly not the only thing blocking a potential Snyder Cut, but it does show just how complicated the matter actually is. Many fans are operating under the assumption that WB’s refusal to release the Snyder Cut is strictly a stubborn one, but if the franchise’s future films (The Flash could very well be in a similar situation, as Barry Allen also had cut backstory) are going to utilize any of the abandoned Snyder Cut, then it makes a lot of sense that the studio wouldn’t even consider releasing it until the stories for those movies are finalized.

This will likely be frustrating to hear for anyone hoping for a Snyder Cut release in the near future, but with Warner Bros. looking to continue moving forward with its packed future slate as opposed to looking back for a redo of the universe’s lowest point, fans are probably looking at a situation more akin to Superman II‘s Donner Cut, with the product not being released for a number of years.

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Source:: ScreenRant