The Old Man and the Gun Trailer: Robert Redford Loves Robbing Banks

Robert Redford plays a true career criminal in the trailer for David Lowery’s crime caper, remake for Disney (which Redford costarred in). Likewise, The Old Man and the Gun trailer scenes are far more chipper than either the storyteller’s meditative A Ghost Story (a unique movie that doesn’t fit squarely into any one genre box) or his previous venture into the realm of crime movies with Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (another one of his collaboration with Affleck).

The Old Man and the Gun itself is further among the indie and/or smaller-budgeted fall releases that will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, before making its debut in U.S. theaters. Assuming the movie is well-received there and goes on to become an awards season contender, there’s a fair chance the Academy will recognize Redford with one final acting nomination, in recognition of his final bow. The fact that Redford has never won an Oscar for acting – and hasn’t even been nominated since The Sting in 1974 – only improves the odds of him landing another nod, at long last.

Oscar talk aside, though, The Old Man and the Gun looks like a well-crafted and otherwise entertaining piece of storytelling, going by the trailer footage. It also promises to be one of the more light-hearted prestige films coming out in the last four months of 2018, and seems refreshingly jovial for a biopic about a lifelong crook who can only continue to evade the authorities for so much longer. Indeed, all things considered, Reford may have indeed chosen the perfect film to serve as his final hurrah onscreen.

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