Why Lois Lane's Arrowverse Debut Matters

This year’s Arrowverse crossover keeps sounding better and better. Not only will this three-part event mark the debut of Ruby Rose’s Batwoman, we now know that Superman and Lois Lane will be joining the fun. At this point, we’re only a couple heroes short of a full-fledged Justice League team-up on The CW. But in some ways, it’s Lois’ Arrowverse debut that’s actually the most intriguing announcement. It suggests a larger change in DC’s approach to how its characters are handled on television.

For all of DC’s many successes on the small screen over the past several decades, one annoying problem has cropped up again and again. DC has shown a strange reluctance to allow multiple incarnations of a character to exist simultaneously. For example, Smallville explored practically every corner of the DCU, but A-Listers like Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman were never allowed to appear on the show because those characters were tied up with other film and TV projects.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews