Apple Watch Series 4 Announced

At today’s Apple Special Event, Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4.

The Series 4 watch features screen that are over 30 percent larger than previous watches, with a screen that goes to the edges. It includes a digital crown that is reenginered with haptic feedback and a speaker that is 50 percent louder than previous watches.

The Series 4 includes a user interface redesign that comes with new complications – one watch face can even include eight complications at once. Now third-party apps can be made into complications, allowing users to access information to things like scores in sports events, airplane schedules and more.

Heart monitoring is a major focus for the Series 4, and includes three new heart features. It can now notify users if their heart rate drops too low. It can also screen heart rhythms, detecting serious conditions like A-Fib. Lastly, the watch face can now be used to generate an electro cardiogram by placing a finger on the digital crown – it only takes 30 seconds, gives users heart rhythm classifications, and heart profiles can be stored inn the health app.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews