Monday Night Football TV ratings lowest since 2006

Are Monday Night Football’s falling ratings the latest NFL fumble?

Already the beleaguered league is dealing with anthem-gate and increased scrutiny over deadly injuries.

Now, the NFL’s marquee game of the week has stumbled to its lowest ratings in more than a decade.

According to the New York Post, Week 1 ratings of MNF dropped to their lowest levels since ESPN won the rights to the NFL package in 2006.

On the field, the New York Jets pulverized the Detroit Lions in a 48-17 blowout. And MNF drew an overnight Nielsen rating of 7.5, down from 7.8 last year.

In the late game between the Los Angeles Rams and Oakland Raiders, the rating was 7 — same as the previous year. Rams won 33-13.

But the combined 14.5 was the lowest opening ever for MNF. A single point represents 1% of TV sets in the U.S.

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The drop represents a sea-change in the way the U.S. views the game that long ago eclipsed baseball as the national pastime.

For the past four years, ratings for the league opener dropped, 13% this year.

Many of the games are unwatchable and boring and require a colossal time commitment that in 2018 is tougher to get from fans.

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Source:: Toronto Sun – Movies