Solo: A Star Wars Story Writer Defends Darth Maul Cameo

During a lengthy Twitter session to mark the digital release of and Star Wars Rebels. Indeed, Maul even got a rematch with Obi-Wan on Rebels. Solo’s reveal that Maul was now the head of a criminal organization made some sense given his larger role in the Star Wars universe. Employing Maul for a shocking last-minute cameo of course also helped subvert fan expectations, as most assumed it would be Jabba the Hutt showing up (Jabba ultimately is only indirectly referenced in the film).

Arguably however, it wasn’t the simple inclusion of Maul that was the problem, it was how the scene was executed. Maul suddenly appears in a hologram, which is not a big deal in the Star Wars universe, except that this hologram breaks with tradition by being in full color. Why the color hologram? It seems the move was made just so Maul could whip out his famous red double-bladed lightsaber for a fan service moment. But for many people, Maul’s appearance elicited not awe or excitement but laughter.

But according to Kasdan, the Maul cameo was more than just a fan service stunt, it was an attempt at creating continuity with other Star Wars properties and an opportunity to include a character Kasdan himself has particular affection for. Stunt or not, Maul’s sudden and arguably incongruous appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story will continue to be one of the movie’s most talked-about – and derided – moments.

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Source: Jonathan Kasdan/Twitter

Source:: ScreenRant