Black Ops 4’s Zombies Titanic Map Makes Me Feel Like the King of the World

The tale of the R.M.S. Titanic’s fateful maiden voyage has been told by countless documentaries, a blockbuster movie, and even some weird old video games. Somehow, it’s now made its way into a Call of Duty game, of all things. As someone who completely adores the story, drama, and beauty of the doomed ship, I can safely say that Treyarch has created my most eagerly anticipated Zombies scenario yet.

The story begins with a rogue-ish group of four devising and executing a plan to steal an artifact from a safe located in the Titanic’s Millionaires Suite. The plan is foiled by a mysterious hooded figure who then – whoops! – accidentally turns everyone aboard the ship into flesh-eating zombies. Then, of course, the Titanic does what it was always fated to do: it sideswipes an iceberg.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews