Danny McBride Comedy The Righteous Gemstones Ordered By HBO

Danny McBride returns to spinoff The Conners, which is about to kick off its first season (with Roseanne Conner likely to die of an opioid overdose, at least according to ousted star Roseanne Barr). The Righteous Gemstones, which once again sees Goodman heading up a highly unconventional and potentially controversial family, is expected to begin shooting after work on The Conners is completed.

If McBride and Jody Hill’s history with HBO is any indication, The Righteous Gemstones should feature more than its share of madcap and sometimes even offensive comedy. Of course, the freedom afforded by working with HBO gives a show like this the leeway to tackle more controversial subject matter in a more blunt and potentially more hilarious way. Given the current political situation and the role Evangelicals have played recently, there’s opportunity for McBride’s new show to be topical and even ruffle some feathers.

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Source: Deadline

Source:: ScreenRant