Family Guy Season 17 Premiere Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the Family Guy Season 17 premiere below.

When a show has been on the air as long as Family Guy, any attempt to shake up the usual formula is generally a risk worth taking. South Park has changed things up by pursuing a more continuity-driven approach in recent years. Family Guy has never been that ambitious, but occasionally fans are treated to a multi-episode storyline where the events of one episode actually carry over to the next. Kicking off Season 17 with another two-parter is a nice way to welcome the series back. That said, “Married… With Cancer” left me questioning why this storyline actually needs a second chapter in the end.

Brian is probably the most frustrating character on the series. In some ways, he’s the most complex member of the Griffin family, with more emotional foibles that generally give the writers more room in which to play around. But Brian also tends to be the most obnoxious of Family Guy’s main cast. So much of the show’s Brian-related humor centers around his performative wokeness and his desperation for others to recognize how progressive and open-minded he is.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews