First Look at Animated Harley Quinn Mocks Deadpool, DC Movies

Now that the DC Universe streaming service is moving full steam ahead, with the live-action Titans series debuting this month, IGN can confirm that Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco will executive produce and voice Harley Quinn in the previously announced animated series that will be headlined by the hugely popular character.

The show will depict what happens when Harley breaks off from the Joker and sets out to become the biggest villain there is, but even while it basically features all supervillains, Cuoco says to expect an animated “adult comedy.” At NYCC 2018, Warner Bros. Animation unveiled a special first look. Check out Harley in action, below:

“This show is kind of a very cool, modern take on Harley Quinn,” says Cuoco. “She’s such an iconic character that we’re excited to bring a much brighter and kind of, even the animation is very bright and modern and hip. And the character is very edgy. The storyline is very edgy and it’s definitely not a child’s show! It’s an adult comedy — I have to make sure I tell people that! — which has been a blast to work on. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It’s been kind of a really cool gig.”

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Source:: IGN -Reviews