Live-Action Star Wars TV Show Rumor: Dave Filoni & Alan Taylor To Direct

The upcoming live-action , his television credentials speak for themselves. Taylor is a Game of Thrones alum, just coming off an Emmy nomination for his work on the episode “Beyond the Wall.” And he not only has experience with big-scale fantasy (a must for Star Wars), he’s also great with intimate character drama. Taylor won an Emmy for directing the “Kennedy and Heidi” episode of The Sopranos and received another nomination for Mad Men. Favreau, of course, launched the MCU with Iron Man and wowed audiences with his Jungle Book remake.

It’ll be interesting to see who else Favreau recruits for the other two slots, but he’s got a solid foundation. It’s encouraging Lucasfilm is going for top-tier directing talent for the live-action show, as they have a fair amount riding on its success. Once Episode IX releases next December, Disney is planning a slowdown on the film side of things, which means TV will be the top priority. It’s imperative the series connects with audiences, as it could fill the gap between cinematic outings and provide fans with the new content they crave should it be renewed for additional seasons.

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We’ll keep you updated on the Star Wars live-action TV show as more information becomes available.

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