Looking for a Retro Mini Console? Here's Where to Find Them

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Plug and play retro consoles have come a long way. We still have the simple consoles with the composite video cables you can buy pretty much anywhere, but the NES Classic introduced a whole new class or boutique, collector-quality retro consoles that output through an HDMI cable. The fact the original mini, the NES Classic, was so hard to find for so long, and eventually inspired a second, much more plentiful run, shows there is enormous demand for these.

The adorable mini Super NES and NES aren’t hard to come by anymore, and the PlayStation Classic can still be picked up at some retailers. The very cool C64 Mini is the first competent retro all-in-one computer console, and it just came out and can be scooped up, too, so you can finally see . Here’s a quick guide to getting your hands on your favorite retro all-in-one console.

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