Luigi's Mansion for 3DS Review

Genre distinctions are supposed to exist for our convenience, but Luigi’s Mansion defies them all. It exists somewhere between a kid-friendly take on survival horror, a competent puzzle adventure, and a terrific unlicensed Ghostbusters game. The new 3DS version of the Gamecube launch title adds a few new features to the original, but Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS is a faithful port that delivers fun moments while showing its age in some key areas.

The Fear of Luigi

Luigi’s Mansion’s gameplay is entertaining but simple: Enter a new area, use detection gear and wits to solve a mystery, fight a mini-boss ghost, loot the room, and move on. I enjoyed many of the distinctive encounters that invited me to overcome gravity-flipping puzzles, utilize mirrors to detect invisible enemies, and manipulate environments to render ghosts vulnerable. But not all of the challenges are equal. Catching ghosts in Luigi’s mansion required me to overcome puzzles that ranged between simple-but-satisfying to slightly irritating. Clues were ample and there was never a moment that defied all logic — but I did occasionally find myself just banging on things hoping something would happen. I also didn’t particularly enjoy the rare moments when I was forced to backtrack, heading for a life refill or trying to locate a wardrobe I’d last seen hours before.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews