Ontario government scraps beer tax increase planned by Liberals

Beer drinkers have something to cheer.

The Ontario government will halt a three-cents-a-litre increase to the province’s basic beer tax that was due to kick in automatically on Nov. 1.

“This tax hike is a cash grab from the hardworking people of Ontario, pure and simple,” Premier Doug Ford said in a statement Friday morning. “We are putting a stop to it so Ontario beer drinkers can keep more of their hard-earned money.”

The brewing industry has been highly critical of escalating beer taxes imposed by federal and provincial governments, arguing it was increasingly difficult or impossible for manufacturers to absorb them.

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Ontario’s basic beer tax has gone up each of the past three years on Nov. 1.

Beer Canada president Luke Harford described it in April as “out of control.”

In a statement, the government said it is also still reviewing how beer will be sold in Ontario.

“(The government will) look at ways to provide more choice and access to consumers, including expanding the sale of beer and wine to corner stores and box stores,” the statement says.

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Source:: Toronto Sun – Movies