Superman Was “Unhinged” in Snyder's Ending, Says Justice League Artist

. This would’ve allow him to don his infamous black suit which only made a brief cameo in a deleted scene from the movie. The superhero eventually comes to his senses and joins Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the team in Justice League Part 2 as they go up against Steppenwolf or maybe even Darkseid. At this point, it would’ve been Batman who was supposed to meet his end as recently confirmed by Snyder.

Warner Bros. has yet to announce whether or not a Justice League Part 2 (in whatever form) is still on their roster, but if it happens, it will be significantly different from what Snyder envisioned it to be considering where Justice League left the heroes. With several other standalone projects on their roster, Warner Bros. and DC Films are focusing on solo films rather than crossover events especially considering how their first foray into such was a financial disappointment. That said, slowly learning about Snyder’s full vision for the DCEU, it’s difficult for fans to not get frustrated that the director wasn’t able to finish what he started in the franchise.

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Source: Comic Book Debate Podcast

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