The Romanoffs Premiere Review

The Romanoffs’ first two episodes premiere Friday, October 12 on Amazon. Following this, there will be a new installment each week. This is a spoiler-free review of the first two, “The Violet Hour” and “The Royal We.”

Amazon’s new anthology dramedy series, The Romanoffs, is the kind of abstract “show about everything and nothing” that one can assemble, and get away with, if – say – you have the clout of being the creator and showrunner of Mad Men.

Yes, it’s been three years since Mad Men sold its last ad and Matthew Weiner is back with an engaging, but ultimately formless, quirky movie festival disguised as a streaming series. In The Romanoffs, the only connective tissue between the episodes is that someone in the story is (or thinks they are) a descendant of the Russian Romanov dynasty. The family’s last remaining Czar-connected members were famously executed by the Bolsheviks in the summer of 1918.

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Source:: IGN -Reviews