What Time Does The Aladdin Trailer Release Online?

A trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of ‘s trailer on Good Morning America), so will likely be an online premiere, which are typically on the hour early in the morning. Additionally, this time slot matches the likes of Dumbo and Beauty and the Beast. The Aladdin trailer could arrive earlier, but it’s unlikely to be after this point.

As for what you can expect to see in the Aladdin trailer, the big thing is the Genie. This was teased with Will Smith’s Instagram share of the poster, and given that image showed off the lamp (his prison), it would make sense for the marketing to lead with the magical being – especially as Smith needs to convince fans that he’s up to the task of filling Robin Williams’ smoke cloud. A look at Massoud’s Aladdin and Scott’s Jasmine are also likely, although it’s worth bearing in mind this will be a teaser trailer and so may be light on full reveals; the Beauty and the Beast teaser only showed Belle obscured and the Beast’s enchanted rose.

Whatever the Aladdin trailer shows when it’s released, be sure to check back in with Screen Rant after it drops for a look at Will Smith’s Genie and a breakdown of all the reveals.

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Source:: ScreenRant