Zack Snyder Says a DCEU Amazon/Atlantean Team-Up 'Seems Inevitable'

Zack Snyder believes that a team-up between the Amazons from , but it seems like he’s suggesting a future alliance between the two people – not anything that happened in the past.

Snyder doesn’t have much more knowledge of the DCEU’s future plans than the average fan. Warner Bros. has made it quite clear that whatever road map Snyder printed for the DCEU has been thrown out. Yet the idea of an alliance between Amazon and Atlantean does make sense even from a total outsider’s perspective. Wonder Woman is the undeniable star of the DCEU. Gal Gadot’s solo movie is the best received DCEU movie to date. Similarly, the upcoming Aquaman solo movie has good word of mouth. If Aquaman achieves the same level of box office success as Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. would undoubtedly move Jason Momoa’s superhero to the spotlight as well. When the inevitable Justice League sequel occurs, it’s not that far-fetched for Aquaman, Wonder Woman and their respective clans to be the leading forces of the action.

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Source: John Aaron Garza/DC Films Hub

Source:: ScreenRant