Avengers 4 SHOULDN'T Have An End-Credits Scene

Marvel Studios is known for ending their latest films with a few bonus tags, but they shouldn’t put an end-credits scene on . Marvel could use the post-credits scene to tease how Far From Home will kick off Phase 4, but it is more likely that any such tease will not actually pertain to Avengers 4‘s ending and could come off as a forced inclusion. Since Far From Home will already have trailers out and hit theaters just several weeks later, Marvel will show what their future is soon enough.

Not attaching a post-credits scene to Avengers 4 also means Marvel doesn’t have to promise a future plan that they could eventually want to alter. Marvel and Kevin Feige were able to tease that Thanos was the end game because they were maximizing the assets they had. But in a few months, Marvel Studios will soon have access to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Whether you believe him or not, Feige has said they aren’t even thinking about those characters until they are legally allowed to. This means a post-credit scene teasing the introduction of mutants of Marvel’s first family are probably off the table, unless they’re done at the last minute. Even if that happened, it may be a cheap tease that, again, doesn’t tie to what Avengers 4 will actually be focused on.

Between the teasing of these massive Marvel properties or the next universe-destroying villain, there are so many possible directions for the MCU to go in. It makes more sense of Marvel to wait and tease the long game until those plans are finalized or at a more appropriate time – like San Diego Comic-Con or D23 next year. The next Phase and future storyline of the MCU will be revealed after Avengers 4 is released, so the movie itself isn’t the right time. Instead, Avengers 4 should simply end, allowing fans to soak in the conclusion for what it is, without having to wonder what a quick scene means for the future.

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Source:: ScreenRant