DC's Titans: 9 Big Questions After Episode 5

The fifth episode of DC Universe’s  As ‘Together’ continues, it’s revealed that they traded in the Porsche at a used-car dealership, in part because Dick figured it was a good idea to drop such a distinctive car while they’re being hunted. Unfortunately, this doesn’t delay the Nuclear Family for long. They somehow track the Porsche to the right car dealer within just a few hours – and it’s unclear just how they achieved that.

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4. What Happened to the Woman who Runs the Hotel?

‘Together’ reinforces a classic comic book trope – that Dick Grayson is quite the ladies’ man. In this case, not only does he sleep with Starfire, no sooner has he gone than the hotel owner is knocking on his door. She’s lonely, she has a bottle of wine, and she hopes her new guest will be receptive to her charms. Oddly, she doesn’t seem to care that she’s just seen another woman walking out of his room late at night. Dick turns the hotel owner down, but no sooner has he closed the door than he hears signs of a scuffle – the Nuclear Family have arrived. We’re clearly meant to assume that the poor woman was killed simply because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the Titans don’t seem at all concerned about her death. Nobody suggests calling the police, and they continue to use the hotel as a base of operations. That’s just cold.

3. Why Did The Titans Leave Their Prisoners Unattended?

With the Nuclear Family defeated, the Titans follow a very strange interrogation routine; Dick and Starfire talk to the parents, Raven and Beast Boy to the children. It’s not particularly clear why Dick thought the two teenagers would be useful in an interrogation; it would surely have been more sensible for him to talk to the parents, and Starfire to the kids. Matters become even stranger when Dick heads out to check the Nuclear Family’s car; he’s soon joined by Starfire, which means the parents had been left alone. Even weirder, moments later Beast Boy and Raven gather round as well. For some reason, the Titans decided it was fine to leave their prisoners unattended – and, bizarrely, it turns out they were right. The Family doesn’t even seem to attempt to escape.

2. Does Doctor Adamson Work For Trigon?

It’s amusingly easy for Dick to follow the trail back from the Nuclear Family to Doctor Adamson – he simply checks their phone’s GPS. The brief conversation between Dick and Adamson isn’t especially illuminating, with the supposed medic hinting that he may well work for Raven’s father – “in a manner of speaking.” He then counts down the moments until a strike team will break in to kill himself and Dick. It’s the first real suggestion that there’s a larger organization behind Adamson and the Nuclear Family, but strangely it’s one that Dick ignores. In spite of the fact he was forewarned literally minutes before the strike team arrives, he’s taken by surprise.

1. What’s Going On With Jason Todd?

It’s exciting to finally see Dick Grayson meet his successor to the Robin mantle, Jason Todd, but this in itself raises some very strange questions. The first, of course, is why nobody knows there’s a new Robin – remember, back in the premiere it was confirmed that Gotham hasn’t seen Robin in action for a year. The second is just why Jason is in Chicago, not in Gotham, and how he knew to intervene at that precise second; hopefully, next week’s episode will answer that question. It’s also interesting to speculate whether or not he’s there with Batman’s permission; does the Dark Knight even know what his sidekick is doing or where he is?

In the comics, Dick Grayson and Jason Todd built up a firm friendship, bonding in part because Jason had respect for the legendary hero whose name he had inherited. The sparse dialogue between the two suggests the same will happen in Titans.

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