Doctor Strange Director's Home Burns Down In California Wildfire

at the Paramount Ranch also burned down on Friday. This week’s fires have been dubbed the most destructive in California’s modern history, following a trend of severe blazes that have occurred during the state’s summer months. While many studio lots and locations are insulated outside of forest areas, more production and safety roadblocks may be imposed on California’s entertainment industry due to the increasing intensity of wildfire damage.

These recent wildfires have already taken a catastrophic toll on Southern California, leading to various celebrities speaking out about the damage. As for Derrickson, his brief, but informative, tweets spoke volumes. Before confirming that his home had burned in the fire, he tweeted about the area’s mandatory evacuation and how he and his family were “fleeing the inferno.” He then later confirmed with a single word that they are “safe.”  As for now, fans can understandably expect fewer Doctor Strange 2 updates from him for the time being.

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Source: Scott Derrickson

Source:: ScreenRant