Sugar mama hacks off beau’s penis, testicles, eyelids: Cops

In a posh part of Dublin, Limbani ‘Roberto’ Mzoma died an agonizing and bloody death.

The 27-year-old was found murdered in a crime scene that looked like a slaughterhouse. His penis, testicles and eyelids had been hacked off.

His mangled penis was left on the mantle of the fireplace, standing in silent witness to the horror that unfolded.

Mzoma — an immigrant from Ghana — was allegedly murdered by his Kenyan sugar mama, Grace Miano, 50.

She appeared in an Irish court on Sunday, wearing a blond wig, smiling and waving to the TV camera crews hovering outside. Miano has been charged with murder.

Grace Miano is charged with murdering her younger beau by hacking off his penis and testicles. RTE

At one stage, the Daily Star reports she began praying in the courtroom. The suspect will now be subject to a psychiatric report.

Miano has not entered a plea.

“The scene is in a house where a number of non-nationals have been living,” a police source told the Daily Star. “There has been a lot of trouble at the property and police were called there on Thursday afternoon. They dealt with a public order incident and left.”

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The source added: “When they were called back at 11.30pm they discovered the man dead. The severed penis was found on top of the fireplace and they also chopped off his eyelids.”

Miano was reportedly in the house when cops arrived.

One neighbour said the home was the scene of frequent visits from the police.

“I heard the commotion yesterday afternoon and then last night again,” she told the UK Sun. “There was a lot of police and some ambulances there.”

She added: “There has been a lot of people coming and going from there and it has been a big worry. It is shocking, and tragic that someone has lost their life.”

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Source:: Toronto Sun – Movies