WARMINGTON: Cops shocked by disturbing shooting video

It might be the grossest, most disturbing crime video ever captured in Toronto history.

It has angered Toronto Police and shocked a community.

As you see on torontosun.com, all three gunman stood over a man they had already shot and each unloaded their hand guns into him again.

“He was hit with eight bullets and is still recovering in hospital,” said 23 Division Supt. Ron Taverner. “He was an innocent man who had never before had dealings with police.”

It didn’t stop these murderous creeps.

“If not for the amazing EMS paramedics this, and many others, would have been a Homicide no question,” said Taverner.

It’s a disturbing video to watch.

It was not a movie. It happened right here in Toronto.

It was June 10th on Driftwood Avenue.

Taverner did the city and province a real service by showing this video and two others of ugly shootings because it puts out there what these shootings look like.

It’s frightening. It’s reality.

The video evidence does not just show shocking shootings of innocent people but also demonstrates the pure cruelty some gangland style thugs employ.

“It’s senseless violence against a community that is 99 per cent very good people,“ said Supt. Ron Taverner of 23 Division. “These shooters have no regard for human life. I can’t use the word I would like to use to describe them.”

The veteran officer says enough is enough.

Toronto Police 23 Division Supt. Ron Taverner displays seized guns at a Thursday press conference. (Ernest Doroszuk/Toronto Sun)

“Innocent people get caught up in this and it’s pathetic,” he said. “People barbecuing or having a coffee. It has just got to stop.”

He wants it to stop.

He knows the only way to make these gunmen stop is to find the gutless shooters, arrest them, convict them, incarcerate them and then fight to keep them locked up.

“But we need help,” he said. “If people know who these people are in these videos please contact Crimestoppers.”

Taverner knows, as does everybody else who fight crime, many of these slugs are out on bail faster than the next shipment of illegal guns come across the border and back into their hands.

“But a new approach at the province level is seeing special crowns going to court on gun offences and contesting bail,” he said. “We are hopeful that will keep these dangerous people behind bars. ”

First, in these three cases, police have got to catch them.

Police are trying hard.

Just this week Toronto Police Deputy Chief James Ramer and Acting Inspector Don Belanger displayed to the media a cache of 30 illegal handguns and drugs and cash they kept out the hands of criminals in Project Belair.

Thursday Toronto Police announced the arrests of two men in the Kipling Avenue and Dixon Road area of 31 Division and seized a loaded 9mm Taurus G2C firearm in the process.

Brothers Abdiaziz Mohamed Abdi, 24, Ibrahim Mohamed Abdi, 29, of Toronto, are charged with a truckload of offences.

Taverner displayed a photograph of five loaded, illegal handguns the 23 Division Gun Suppression Unit has recently seized.

But the three videos he show provide a glimpse into the reality of how vicious these people in the gang world can be.

The first incident near Jane Street and Steeles Ave. shows three masked suspects rob at gunpoint several victims getting out of their cars, before one of them struck a victim when a gunshot went off.

Then all three shooters “approached the victim, stood over top of him and discharged multiple rounds from three separate firearms striking the victim numerous times.”

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It’s evil.

The next one was August 30th near John Garland Boulevard and Martingrove Road. People were barbecuing in front of a residence when two gunmen approached victims and then “immediately began firing at the group.”

The victim was wounded and is recovering. But the shooters are still on the loose.

In each case innocent people are wounded — just because they happened to be there.

“We have no evidence to show they are anything other than random so we need people to assist investigators,” said Taverner.

These gunmen make look like tough guy gangsters from the movies but when you see the videos what we now see is they are nothing but gutless cowards who are stalking and shooting innocent people who are not armed and hurting no one.

Taverner was visibility upset when showing the videos.

“I am pissed off. No one should have to live like this,” he said.

He is right, but in Toronto many live fearing being shot for no reason.

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Source:: Toronto Sun – Movies