What To Expect From The Purge Season 2


While the annual Purge takes place over 12 hours in-universe, The Purge TV show only contained 10 episodes, which also took place before the Purge’s commencement as well as shortly after it ended. Perhaps USA Network will consider upping the episode count for The Purge season 2 when it returns next year.

When Will The Purge Season 2 Premiere?

There’s no premiere date for The Purge season 2 as of yet, though it stands to reason that it will debut sometime in fall 2019, just as The Purge season 1 premiered in September 2018. This would be a good way to get general audiences interested in seeing The Purge TV show on an annual basis. If Blumhouse TV and USA Network plan on airing The Purge season 2 in September 2019, then they’ll have to enter production latest by May 2019.

What Could The Purge Season 2 Be About?

Given the fundamental nature of The Purge franchise taking place over the course of one night, there are limitless opportunities and stories for Blumhouse TV and USA Network to tell. While no story details for The Purge season 2 have been revealed at this time, the way season 1 ended, there’s a particular direction the franchise can go in next. It’s possible The Purge season 2 can bring back at least three of the surviving characters – Miguel and Penelope Guerrero, as well as Pete the Cop – and follow their attempt to fight back against the Purge one year after The Purge season 1.

Another possibility is that The Purge season 2 can take place a few years in the future and see the annual event implemented in Europe. The idea was teased in a news broadcast during The Purge season 1 finale, so it’s possible that extending the practice outside of the United States is a way to continue the franchise. After all, it was previously revealed in The Purge movies that people travel to the United States to participate in it already.

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