Amazon Adapting Refrigerator Monologues For Female-Led Superhero TV Show

Amazon Studios announced today that they are moving forward with the TV show Deadtown, with Shauna Cross set to develop the pilot. Deadtown is an adaptation of Catherynne M. Valente’s novella The Refrigerator Monologues and will set up an original superhero universe with a focus on female empowerment.

The title of Valente’s novella, which features art by Annie Wu, and the premise for the plot, comes from the comic book term “women in refrigerators,” or when a female character is frozen out of the plot i.e. killed, raped, brainwashed or stripped of her powers to provide emotional motivation and backstory for the male character. Now, the novella and the concept will be the basis for a new superhero TV show.

Related: . It makes sense that this trend would extend to TV as well. Interestingly, unlike male-focused superhero series, Deadtown will be creating its own, original universe. But perhaps it’s just side effect. Maybe they’d have more female superhero characters to adapt if comic books didn’t keep killing them. (Though, admittedly, comic books are just as likely to revive their characters as kill them off.)

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Deadtown has been ordered to pilot at Amazon.

Source: Deadline

Source:: ScreenRant