Arrowverse Characters Already Dead When The Elseworlds Crossover Begins

The . The costume worn by this Green Arrow looks almost identical to the one worn by Justin Hartley’s Oliver Queen in Smallville. Arrow star Stephen Amell has already revealed Elseworlds will feature a major reference to Smallville. Depending on what happens, it’s possible that Smallville could be integrated into the Arrowverse, which now apparently already includes the 1990 TV series, The Flash, in which Shipp played Barry Allen. It appears that the world from the 1990’s The Flash may be destroyed during the crossover. And because of that, Shipp’s Barry Allen may end up being Earth-90’s sole survivor, since the character has been seen in promos making a stand with the other Arrowverse heroes.

The possible inclusion of Smallville‘s Green Arrow in the teaser suggests that the characters spotted in the background aren’t limited to Earth-90. Since the crossover is expected to encompass multiple realities, it would make sense for characters across several worlds to team up against the Monitor. Since Elseworlds will span several worlds itself, even more alternate versions of Arrowverse heroes may appear when the event begins on Sunday.

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Source:: ScreenRant