Plastic Man Movie In the Works At DC Films

DC and Warner Bros. have reportedly begun development on a movie based on the classic comic book superhero movie, however). Never a hugely popular character with general comic book fans, Plastic Man nevertheless developed a cult following and is particularly beloved among comic book creators.

Interestingly, Plastic Man is one of the few DC Comics characters whose stories were more-or-less comedic, often veering into surrealism and slapstick. At least according to early reports, the movie version of Plastic Man would retain the comics’ comedic elements, another sign that DC and Warners wish to move away from the DCEU. The big buzzword when it came to DC adaptations at Warners used to be “dark” but now the key word appears to be “fun.” It remains to be seen if these new, more light-hearted DC movies will score big at the box office. Meanwhile, the relatively fun Aquaman has already proven a big hit in China with $24M on its opening day, leaving the door open on an Aquaman sequel.

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Source: THR, Ben Schwartz/Twitter

Source:: ScreenRant